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Questions to Ask Before Starting a Nonprofit



A nonprofit is a business that uses its revenue primarily to build and enhance its cause and is usually meant to enrich a community rather than be a source of revenue for the owners. Wanting to start your own nonprofit is an admirable goal and you’ll need our law firm in Provo Utah to provide you with legal guidance along the way. Before you get started, there are some questions you should ask yourself in order to determine if starting a nonprofit is really what you want to do.

Why Are You Doing This?

This should always be the first question one asks themselves when starting any type of nonprofit. There should always be a reason behind the idea, whether it’s to help build your community or provide yourself with an enriching career. If you want to make the world a better place, you’re already in the right place, but now is the time to really delve deeper and decide what you want to improve and make sure that it’s right for you. If you don’t have a good reason to start a business, it could end up crumbling quite easily.

What Needs Are You Filling?

In order to have a successful nonprofit, you’ll need to provide a service that is needed. If you don’t have an original idea, you may end up falling short. Sit down and really think about what needs you will be filling and go back to the drawing board if you find that there’s a better idea out there. Once you determine what needs to fill, develop a mission statement that neatly ties everything together and tells people what the goal of your organization is.

Can You Explain What Your Nonprofit is About?

As a blossoming entrepreneur, having an elevator speech is essential. You should be able to tell anyone, anywhere what your nonprofit is all about in just 2 minutes or less. This means really simplifying your company description down into words that everybody will be able to understand. Your ability to communicate your message will play a huge role in how successful the corporation is.

Is Your Idea Practical?

You might have some grand ideas but have you really considered whether they were practical? First, make sure you have the means to pull off your idea. This means having the time to accomplish everything, having the finances to get started, and having a large enough group of people to help you if needed. If it isn’t practical, it may be time to think of something else because the trouble may not be worth it.


Once you’ve asked yourself all of these questions,  go to your local law firm in Provo Utah and we’ll provide you with an attorney that can help you get started and handle the legal side of starting your own business.

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