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How to Prevent Security Fraud


Our Provo Lawyers know that you can’t always prevent security fraud even if you take every preventative action there is but there are things you can do to greatly decrease your odds at falling victim to security fraud. Our Provo Attorneys want to make sure you’re smart about investing so we’re providing you with a list of things you can do to stay on top of things.


Do Your Research

Before investing money, you should always do your research first to make sure that you are investing in a reputable organization. Make sure you thoroughly understand the company and their product before putting any money forward. Before purchasing any stock, always make sure to look at financial statements so that you know your money is going to a good place.


Don’t Trust Anyone

Good sales people can trick you into trusting them because that’s part of their job. Make sure to get to know the person who is trying to sell to you rather than blindly trusting them because they are good at building rapport. If you are unsure, you can always check out a broker or adviser’s history using the SEC's and FINRA's online databases.


Watch Out For Unsolicited Offers

If someone reaches out to you without your permission, you should always be wary. Our Provo Attorneys have seen too many people get taken advantage of by way of unsolicited offers. You should especially be concerned if you receive a sales pitch via email or fax and are unsure of how the sender received your personal information. When investing your money or purchasing stock, always make sure that you are the first person to trigger communication so that you are in control.


Ask Questions

Fraudsters often rely on people to believe what they say without putting too much thought into the situation. If someone is trying to sell you something, ask a lot of questions. Ask about the company, their history, and important details about the transaction. Just remember, you should still do some research before finalizing any kind of financial transaction.


Our Provo Lawyers hope these tips help you invest your money wisely and make smart decisions so that you don’t fall victim to security fraud. If you ever do find yourself at risk, please contact us right away for assistance.

Are You a Victim of Medical Malpractice?




Our Provo Lawyers are here to assist you if you ever fall victim to medical malpractice. You may be feeling like you are a victim but are not entirely sure. This article is all about how to tell if you are a victim of medical malpractice because it may not always seem clear or obvious at first.


You’re Not Improving

You saw a doctor for treatment but you haven’t noticed any signs of improvement for your illness or condition. This could be a sign that you were either misdiagnosed or that the treatment you received wasn’t right for you. If you had surgery and don’t appear to be improving after some time, it’s possible that you’ve been misdiagnosed and will need a Provo Attorney.


You’ve Only Received Basic Lab Tests

If you received a diagnosis based after basic lab tests and nothing else, you could be a victim of medical malpractice. Additional tests should take place before any kind of serious diagnosis or treatment is decided on. Failure to run additional tests can be a sign of negligence and shows that you aren’t receiving the best treatment possible.


Your Doctor Doesn’t Listen

If you doctor doesn’t seemed concerned with what you have to say or isn’t answering your questions, you may be a victim. It is a doctor’s job to listen to what you have to say in order to provide you with the care you need. If your doctor seems rushed or uninterested, it may be a sign that they don’t care and this should be taken seriously because your health is extremely important.


There Is No Follow Up

Our Provo Attorneys would tell you that follow up is always important when dealing with any kind of professional but this especially is important when dealing with your health. If you received treatment but fail to receive any kind of follow through, there could be some medical malpractice taking place. A good doctor should follow up with you to make sure you are doing well after treatment, surgery, or after trying a new medication.


Your Diagnosis is Delayed

If you have a serious health condition, time is extremely important. If you diagnosis is delayed due to incompetence, your health could be at risk. If a condition worsens due to an unnecessary delayed response, you are most definitely a victim of medical malpractice.


Our Provo Lawyers hope you never have to face medical malpractice but if you feel you are a victim, please contact us immediately so that we can provide you with help and support during this tough time.

How to Prevent Head Injuries


A head injury can often be tragic, especially if it results in brain damage. This type of injury is often irreparable but there are things you can do to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Our Provo Lawyers take head and brain injury cases very seriously and want to help you now so that you can avoid the irreversible mental, emotional, and physical damage that these types of injuries so often cause.


Always Wear a Helmet

You’ve probably heard this several times throughout your life but you really should always wear a helmet when riding any type of bike or participating in a sport that requires one. No one is invincible and falling is always a possibility when riding a bike or playing sports. That helmet could be the single thing that prevents a serious head injury.


Supervise Children

If you have children in your care, make sure to have an eye on them at all times. Kids are more prone to falling over than adults are and for this reason need to be watched. This is especially important if you are on hard surfaces such as concrete. Our Attorneys in Provo, Utah also recommend avoiding playground with hard surfaces and opting for playgrounds that have padding installed.


Be Safe at the Pool

Going to the pool is a lot of fun but is also the unfortunate location of several head injuries. There is a lot of hard ground and slippery surfaces, which means you should be extra careful with not only yourself but others as well. Never run to avoid slipping and make sure to carefully walk around all pool areas and be aware of your surroundings. Follow the rules as they are always there for a reason. Also, never dive in water unless it is an area that is specifically designed for diving, as the water could be too shallow elsewhere.


Wear a Seat Belt

Putting on your seat belt should be the first thing you do whenever entering a car. Our Provo lawyers could tell you firsthand just how many injuries could have been prevented from the simple act of buckling up. That seat belt will hold you in place and prevent your head from getting thrown forward or back in the event of a crash.


These tips are sure to help you prevent any potential head and brain injuries. If you’re ever in a situation where you or someone close to you is dealing with an injury, contact us immediately so that our Provo Utah Attorneys can prove you with the help you need.

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Norman H. Jackson, Utah Court of Appeals Judge, Retired, has joined the law firm of Robinson, Seiler & Anderson, LC, effective April 2017.  Judge Jackson was one of the seven founding Judges of the Utah Court of Appeals and served terms as Presiding and Associate Presiding Judge.
Judge Jackson was the senior attorney in a Richfield law firm for eighteen years.  The firm engaged in legal, business and tax cases, including practice before State and Federal Courts, U.S. Board of Land Appeals, Utah Public Service Commission and Arizona Corporation Commission.  Clients included counties, cities, banks department stores, communications and credit associations, irrigation companies, auto dealers, building supply stores, farmers, ranchers and small businesses. They took “every type of case that came through the door,” from criminal defense work to a patent royalty dispute for the inventor of the Frisbee. Judge Jackson has been a lifetime rancher doing business in Utah as Jackson Cattle Company and Arizona as EJ Cattle Ranches.
Judge Jackson’s professional service includes terms on the Utah State Bar Commission, Bar Foundation (President and Vice President), Air Travel Commission, and Utah Information Technology Commission.  He served on the Judiciary’s Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee for thirteen years and initiated and supervised the Appellate Court Mediation Office.  He developed and advanced a realistic and workable framework for both of Utah’s Appellate Courts to use in reviewing trial court and administrative agency decisions.  He published three editions of Utah Standards of Appellate Review while participating in more than 2,000 appellate court decisions.  
Judge Jackson’s experience will complement the other outstanding lawyers at Robinson, Seiler & Anderson, LC.  The firm will continue its representation of injured individuals, as well as clients in real estate, business, estate planning, tax, contract and education matters.

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