• General Safety Tips for the Backyard Pool

    If you’re lucky enough to have a pool of your own (or if you have very nice neighbors) then the time is finally here for backyard barbecues and pool parties. Whether it’s a backyard pool, a neighborhood pool, or even a trip out to Utah Lake, wherever you are that a lifeguard isn’t, there are some special safety concerns to keep in mind to ensure that the whole family can stay safe this summer. 


  • Recognize the Signs of Drowning Before it’s too Late

    Summer is here with a ninety-degree vengeance, and that means it’s time for summer adventures of all shapes and sizes. An easy and fun way that the whole family can cool off is a trip to the rec. center, neighborhood pool, or a visit to the lake. This is a great way to get the family together for some great, active, outdoor fun; the kind of experience that’s so important to a child’s summer. 

  • Tips on Preventing DUI/DWI

    An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) is not anything that anyone should have to experience. Our Provo lawyers can help provide you with advice on how to avoid this terrible situation. By avoiding drunk driving, you are doing yourself a favor, and everyone else. Here is some advice from our attorneys in Provo on what you can to prevent DUI/DWI.

  • How to Prevent Injury at the Workplace

    Our Provo lawyers are here to provide you legal assistance if you are ever injured at the workplace but believe it’s important help prevent injury in the first place. Whether you own a business or go to work every day, it’s important that you pay attention to safety and injury prevention. There are actions you and your business can take to ensure that everyone is safe and less prone to injury. Read on for some of the best measures you can take in order to prevent injury at the workplace.

  • Estate Planning: Do Estate Taxes Apply to Me?

     The quick answer is no, probably not. Effectively, no estate valued under 5.43 million dollars will owe federal estate or gift tax. In other terms only 0.14% of estates owed estate taxes in 2013, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. With Provo’s median income of just under $60,000 and median home price of $177,000 the estate tax is not something about which the average Utah Valley resident will have to worry. 

  • Hand-Held Devices: Not as Safe as You Think

    The Dangers of Distracted Driving

    Obviously texting and driving is a bad idea, more than taking your eyes off the road, it diverts your attention away from the more important task in which you’re engaged: operating a two ton vehicle. Driving while talking on your cell phone, something that most people view as less dangerous than texting, is still a big distraction and increases your risk of being in a crash.

  • Nobody Wants to Sue

    It’s true.  Nobody wants to be a bad guy, and no one wants to seem overly litigious. We’ve all heard horror stories about frivolous lawsuits from the infamous McDonald’s coffee case to the patent trolls making headlines today; and no one wants to have their name dragged through the mud, especially in the tight-knit Utah Valley/Provo community.

  • 4 Free Apps That Will Make You a Safer Driver

    Should you fall victim to the unfortunate event of a post automobile accident injury, our Provo lawyers are here to help you but we also want to keep you safe in the first place. There are several apps on the market that will help you stay as safer while on the road. The best part about all of these apps — they’re absolutely free.


  • Should I File For Bankruptcy?

    We'll Help You Know If It's The Best Option For You

    Bankruptcy — just the word itself can be somewhat intimidating but sometimes life happens and you may need to file bankruptcy for a number of reasons. You aren’t alone in this and it can happen to the best of us. It may be hard to know when it’s time to throw in the towel and talk to a lawyer so we’ll go over some of the reasons why people file for bankruptcy in order to help you determine if it is the best option.

  • Provo Attorneys List the Benefits of Mediation

    Is Mediation Right For You?

    If you are going through a lawsuit right now, you might have heard the term ‘mediation’ thrown around by your lawyers. Mediation is a way to reach an agreement with the other party in a lawsuit without having to go to court.

    Mediation has many benefits that you don’t see in traditional lawsuits:


“I have worked with Mark Robinson and his firm on several important matters over the last two years. I have received invaluable legal counsel from him, along with ideas for policy development. He has helped me immensely in my role in the Provo City School District.”

—Keith C. Rittel

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Norman H. Jackson, Utah Court of Appeals Judge, Retired, has joined the law firm of Robinson, Seiler & Anderson, LC, effective April 2017.  Judge Jackson was one of the seven founding Judges of the Utah Court of Appeals and served terms as Presiding and Associate Presiding Judge.
Judge Jackson was the senior attorney in a Richfield law firm for eighteen years.  The firm engaged in legal, business and tax cases, including practice before State and Federal Courts, U.S. Board of Land Appeals, Utah Public Service Commission and Arizona Corporation Commission.  Clients included counties, cities, banks department stores, communications and credit associations, irrigation companies, auto dealers, building supply stores, farmers, ranchers and small businesses. They took “every type of case that came through the door,” from criminal defense work to a patent royalty dispute for the inventor of the Frisbee. Judge Jackson has been a lifetime rancher doing business in Utah as Jackson Cattle Company and Arizona as EJ Cattle Ranches.
Judge Jackson’s professional service includes terms on the Utah State Bar Commission, Bar Foundation (President and Vice President), Air Travel Commission, and Utah Information Technology Commission.  He served on the Judiciary’s Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee for thirteen years and initiated and supervised the Appellate Court Mediation Office.  He developed and advanced a realistic and workable framework for both of Utah’s Appellate Courts to use in reviewing trial court and administrative agency decisions.  He published three editions of Utah Standards of Appellate Review while participating in more than 2,000 appellate court decisions.  
Judge Jackson’s experience will complement the other outstanding lawyers at Robinson, Seiler & Anderson, LC.  The firm will continue its representation of injured individuals, as well as clients in real estate, business, estate planning, tax, contract and education matters.

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