Provo Attorneys List the Benefits of Mediation

Is Mediation Right For You?

If you are going through a lawsuit right now, you might have heard the term ‘mediation’ thrown around by your lawyers. Mediation is a way to reach an agreement with the other party in a lawsuit without having to go to court.

Mediation has many benefits that you don’t see in traditional lawsuits:



Many times when you do mediation, you do not need a lawyer, and the fee for a mediator is significantly less than a lawyer. In mediation you end up paying a smaller fee over a shorter period of time.



Mediation usually allows for a better timetable for overcoming a dispute. Traditional lawsuits can take months or years, whereas mediation usually takes days or week to resolve.



Court cases are typically public, whereas mediation is confidential. No records or transcripts are taken, and no evidence introduced in mediation can be used at a later time.


Better For Relationships

Spending months or years going through litigation and going to court will likely take its toll on relationships. Mediation can help preserve those relationships because it is not a win/lose process like court cases usually are.


Less Formal

In the courtroom, there are so many rules and procedures that need to be followed. In mediation, it is only you, the other party, and the mediator. So you can move at your own pace, and you can focus on your specific needs and interests.


Some cases flourish in mediation, whereas others need to go through the formal lawsuit route. If you are unsure about what way to go with your dispute, contact our Provo Attorneys today for a free consultation.